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Judy Tayloris a local cowgirl/entertainer who has been performing music and wild- west shows since she was a youth. Judy won Country music song writer of the year award with her CD Cajun Soul which has a Cajun, folk, bluegrass feel to the story like songs.

Her band The Wild Oats is an all woman band with a wide range of musical talent and versatility with wonderful voices and harmonies. This all acoustic band is a favorite among the Americana folk music venue

Judy Taylor
Solo Artist

This is one girl who can make a lot of music! Judy is a fun high energy performer that can make a crowd come alive. You won’t miss the band, she is the band. Her show is personal and interactive and can be customized for any event.
Perfect for weddings, private parties or any special event. Show consists of acoustic guitar and vocals and background tracks for dancing. PA system can accommodate for remote settings.


Judy Taylor
and her all girl band – The Wild Oats

Country, Cajun and a little bit rock and roll. This is the band you can’t help but dance to. You won’t be able to keep your eyes off them either, they are a show band of high quality performers and musicians.

The Wild Oats Members:
Judy Taylor. Vocals, guitar, banjo and harmonica
April West. Vocals, bass and trombone
Sharon Whyte. Vocals, keyboards and accordion
Sharon Shufelt. Drums and percussion
Leah Kelly. Vocals and harmonies
Celia Lawley. Fiddle and mandolin

Judy Taylor – Keeping the West Alive, Cowgirl “trick roper, gun spinner, bull whip artist”
Western entertainment and education for all ages.

Judy Taylor brings the Wild West Arts ALIVE!  It takes many years of discipline to learn these fun and entertaining skills and her time was well spent. She showcases trick roping, gun spinning and bull whips with a background of upbeat Western favorites for Western theme parties.

She utilizes wireless mic and guitar amplification to enable her to stroll while performing.  She involves all ages with hands on percussion playing, as well as, numerous photo opportunities.

Fancy trick roping is done with a special cotton rope that is flexible and soft. It requires much skill to keep it spinning to do the tricks and manipulations. This art includes jumping in and out of the loop and a variety of tricks with vertical and horizontal loops while keeping the rope spinning.

Gun spinning is a visual treat with a skilled handler who can spin one or two pistols around their fingers while doing a display of movements. The guns she uses are replicas, designed and balanced specifically for entertainment and do not shoot bullets.

Bull whips were a cowboy and cowgirl’s handy tool. A routine of cracks would allow a horse rider to manage a herd of cattle or horses.  In her show, these tricks are fun and fascinating to watch and hear!


Judy Taylor performs the art of fancy trick roping, sing along western folk songs and a colorful history of American pioneers and cowboys and cowgirls. Visually exciting, musically entertaining
and lots of audience participation.

Approved and endorsed by the San Diego Unified School District and BLM “Leave No Trace Program.”

JUDY’S WILD WEST SHOW is a full on production of period costumed ladies and WILD WEST performers. The WILD WEST SHOW has been featured as an educational program for schools and historical events. Not only is the show entertaining, it’s full of authentic Americana music and traditional Wild West performing acts.

The show features The Wild Oats Band as musical entertainment. There are lots of interactive and audience participation fun where you can learn how to trick rope, line dance or get inspired to be a cow poke.


Judy Taylor – Cajun Soul
Buy the CD

Cajun Soul is an award winning CD from the California Country Music Association for which Judy received Song Writer of the Year in 1998. Judy’s music is upbeat and fun with an arrangement of acoustic instruments and great harmonies. In traditional Americana style, the songs take you back into a time when life was simple and you feel like you are in the same room with the performers.
Sample Songs:

Alligator Stew is the first song that will grab you with a Cajun beat. It spins a tale of a moon shiner in Louisiana and how he tricks the Law into drinking his homemade brew which he hides in his alligator stew!

Hooky is a true story of when Judy and her sister Doris ditch school. The events of the day are sung through the imagination of a child. The music rips when April West cuts loose on a trombone solo.

Two Shadows has a beautiful melody with sweet lyrics about two shadows that are in love and appear on the walls when the lights are low.

There are a total of 12 songs on the CD. Price is $15.00 shipping included.

Edu-tainer: Approved for San Diego Unified School District History Curriculum

Judy plays character Annie Oakley in an interactive musical performance includes wild-west arts and “cowboy era” education.

Conservation and Wild Herd Advocate:

Judy has been endorsed and approved by Bureau of Land Management’s Leave No Trace Program.

Wild Food Chef & Educator

Judy plays character “Amore Jesse” in the kitchen with local, wild and raw foods (see U-tube for more information about prep and comprehensive food planning)

Music & Stage Performance Coach

Judy teaches stage performance skills, guitar, singing & beginning banjo and mandolin.

Event Planning Advisor

Judy specializes in western-themed events, cowboy catering & BBQ, costumed characters, wild-west shows, country western music and line dance instructors.

Hi Judy,

I had been meaning to thank you for helping to make our Ad Sales dinner event a huge success!   We were looking for a warm and inviting family-style event and your music and western-style activities made it all happen just the way I imagined and more!  While the guests were mesmerized by your tricks and songs, for me, your professionalism and demeanor as our entertainer clearly shined through.

You were a pleasure to work with, and I hope to find the next right fit for you again!


Have a wonderful holiday!



Hi Judy

Thank you very much for performing at Catalina Spa this past Valentine’s weekend.  Our members still speak very highly of your concert and we all enjoyed it very much.

We look forward to having you return to Catalina Spa and entertain our members again, we will be in touch.


Bill & Rene

Sales Manager


Miss Judy,


You did a performance at our school today and we loved it!  My students would like to send you some notes.  Where can we mail them too?


Tammy Taylor

Kindergarten Teacher

Warren-Walker School

Dear Judy,

SOHO would like to thank you for participating in the Grand Opening of the Warner-Carrillo Ranch House. All of our guests enjoyed your performance, from your singing and guitar playing, to your awesome gun, rope and bullwhip tricks, you truly added a great deal to the day’s festivities.  We had 500 people join us to enjoy the celebration and I hope that you were able to enjoy the day as well!

Thank you for your support of SOHO with your generous contribution and we certainly look forward to working with you in the future!


On behalf of all of us at SOHO,

Alana Coons


Dear Judy and Friends:

Just want to thank you for the extraordinary job you did last Friday at the Rawhide Ranch.  Don’t know how you managed to keep up with energy, excitement and great music in that miserable heat.  Everyone was so delighted with your performance.  You are truly professionals.  I’m sure you’ve heard all this before but for a lot of us, it was a great surprise.  Hope to see you again.

Madeline Williamson

Rally for Children member


In Nancy’s note to me she said: Judy was adorable in her vintage dress. Her voice was so beautiful, and she is so entertaining.”

Beverely Silvers, who bought two CDs from you, said she could listen to you all day.


Others had similar nice comments.


You were a hit!



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